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Want to Startup a Business in Japan? Check out the Government Grants and Subsidies available to you

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Having the right financial support is crucial for any business owner, startup, or entrepreneur. Using government subsidies and/or grants is a great option to have when looking to stimulate or support the growth for your business without having to extend any equity to investors. The Japanese government has been increasing the number of incentives available for startups, entrepreneurs, and existing businesses in Japan. Local governments such as the Tokyo Metro Government provides various incentives and support for businesses but also exclusively for foreign-affiliated companies and foreigners that are planning to open an office in their region. Here are a few useful sites for finding subsidies & grants available in Japan.
Tech Tip: Some content is in Japanese so for English-only folks, try using the Google Chrome browser feature to translate page.

1. Mirasapo

You can find policies of The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency as well as listings of subsidies and grants available. This is a useful site for anyone considering to start a business in Japan. (*Idol support optional)

Recommended for any business entering foreign markets.
Foreign market entry support

Recommended for new entrepreneurs.
Start-up support

2. J-Net21

This website is managed by SME Support, Japan.
You can find out about support for businesses from the public sector.

Looking to raise funds?
Some info from J-Net21 for fundraising.
Fundraising Search

3. The Japan Foundation Center

This organization collects data and provides information about grant-making foundations. You can search from more than 3,000 grant programs for various industries. (Japanese) (English)  


4. The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

A few useful pages from The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency’s website. (Japanese) (English)


Check out all the grants being offered.

 Grants offerings and support


Want to more details? Speak to your local rep.

Support centers for Small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan


I would also recommend that you visit these sites from time to time as there may be updates to grants and subsidies. Good luck and enjoy the adventure! #StartupJapan #InnovateJapan

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